Saturday, May 25, 2013

Illuminated reading glasses by Eschenbach Optik

Illuminated Reading Glasses by Eschenbach Optik

LightSpecs (FGX-1011-xx) are reading glasses that provide the perfect combination of magnification AND illumination!  These illuminated reading glasses are perfect for presbyopes who require readers when performing near tasks in dark or dimly lit environments.  LightSpecs are available in two different unisex frame colors - black and tortoise - and in six different magnification strengths: +1.50D, +2.00D, +2.50D, +3.00D, +3.50D, and +4.00D. 
Each pair features 2 LEDs - one on each temple - which never need replacement - and each one is individually activated with a simple flick of a switch.  The LEDs are powered by two flat button-sized batteries that last 50 hours!  Each pair of LightSpecs also comes with a protective hard case that contains 4 free replacement batteries (and additional 50 hours of battery power!) inside.
LightSpecs are ideal for reading menus in dimly lit restaurants or for reading books, magazines or other materials while away or at home.  Because LightSpecs are worn on the head, the LED lights are so focused on the object being viewed, users don't have to worry about disturbing others in the room, so they are perfect for use while reading in bed.

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